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   An incredible collection of Software you can USE (for family and business)
AND you can SELL (if you want).





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An ex-NASA Engineer has designed YOUR software,

.....Over  70 Software Products

and (if you want it) he has designed a

.....Ready-To-Earn Software BUSINESS

You pay one time
and you become a "PARTNER," and YOU GET

  • Every Product this SOFTWARE Company has
    (we add them weekly!)
  • Every product they add, you get! AT No Cost.  Forever.

..Over 70 Products and over 100 eBooks You can USE.
..Software for your family to use, or to help your business.

..AND (IF you want)

...Over 70 Products and over 100 eBooks as part of a
Ready-To-Run Web Business!

...That business - Your business - ( to sell everything here ) Setup for you. HOSTED. Ready to use.

for ONE Ridiculous price, paid ONE Time.


HUNDREDS of eBooks! and Commercial Software. 

You get RESELL RIGHTS (to software and ebooks)!

AND a special "Partnership" in a real SOFTWARE company!

and, for those who want a business, We give you a Web Site! (Hosted by us, updated for you, Managed for you)

and MORE, other, Software Products to GIVE AWAY as a "sales incentive," bonus, reward, etc.

And a FREE Subscription to our Software, Secrets, and Sites Ezine, which always includes FREE software.

the site is "*Tiger Certified" SCAM FREE - by guys who cary guns (a shade better than the BBB! ;-).

And a PHONE NUMBER connected to a Real person !

NO membership charges, NO monthly Fees !!

Even a $10 month membership fee anywhere else would cost you $120 EVERY year! NOT here! We made it that way on purpose.

So, What Do You Have to Do?


Then you can just USE the software...

...And you can resell the products individually

...OR take the pre-Built business as an "Affiliate" and then ALL you have to do, to earn money, is just get people to come visit your site. We do everything else, from tech support to delivery.

- NO 'web site' you have to edit and upload,
- NO need for you to buy hosting, etc.

OR do ALL 3 AT ONCE (use, sell, and affiliate)!

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This is NOT Freeware collected from some download site,
This is NOT Shareware with a "30 day trial"

This Software is FULLY FUNCTIONAL.

A LOT of it, you can NOT find anywhere else, because it is OUR code - WE developed it.

We DO, constantly, buy all the software we can find that comes with Resell Rights to include in the partnership.

Shrink-wrapped style Commercial Software.


New Products Are Added Every Week
The site had 16 when it opened August 26, 2002 
- Now it has Over 70!

No more selling the same eBooks everyone sells.

You get to use the software - which makes it worth every penny. But You can also resell it too! UNLIMITED COPIES.

Every person who buys this package is given a special, NO obligation,  business "partnership" in the alliance that created these products!

And we call it "Free Software Forever" because you also get every product we add after you join, for FREE. Forever.

(People who joined at 16 products, now have over 70! free.)


With All that, it's no wonder this offer is
blowing the minds of everyone on the Internet!

YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. We give you a guarantee!
And the Site is certified SCAM FREE 



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PayPal PayLock Creator
(sells for $27 elsewhere)
SPAM Filter Buster
(sells for $29 elsewhere)
HeadLine Creator Pro
(sells for $39-$89 elsewhere)
HomeHelper 14: The CookieCutter ($30 alone)
HomeHelper 12: Passgen ($20 alone)
AFFILIATE Pagemaker ($28 elsewhere)
LinkCheck Generator ($37 from Armand)

Dazzle!Book Creator®,
FindMyChild! ®,
Instant Site Safe,
JavaScript Magic,
Web Product Page Generator,
People Finder,
Ezine Mailer,
Checker Accept,
Deadline Generator,
Popup Generator,
Instant Site Maker,
Instant Meta Maker,
Instant Affiliate Link Masker,
Small Business Tracker,
Instant BookMark Maker,
PostCard Collector,
Owner Fix 2.0,
Domain Name Checker,
Affiliate Defender,
Wizard Autoresponder,
WizardWebs: Classified Ads,
How To Build HTML,
eMail Extractor,
PopUp Guardian,
MommysSoftware: JigJag
How To Steal From PayPal
   (and how to stop it!),

Crime Files,
Affiliate Link Master,
IdeaTrak, ®
POPup Stopper,
Countdown Generator,
FAQ Factory,
PopUp Helper,
Battle At Sea,
Journey To Planet X,
WizardWebs: Bookstore,
Baseball Collector,
Coin Collector,
Metal Detector,
Instant email scramble
Eziney Pro,
Domain Name Creator,
Email Extractor,
HTML Code Guard,
WizardWeb: Web Portal,
HomeHelper 9: Lockit,
WizWomper 31: ScrollBar Dazzle

........... and MORE!

Just Bought for FSF, Being Tested

SmarterPage Generator - improve search engine rank!
SpamCloaker - check email before it's deleted!
SpamCommander -do your own spam slamming
PHProtector - protect the scripts you sell!
EasyEbook Creator - compile your own ebooks!
Traffic Wizards I and II - creates pages that get traffic!

SHOW Me The Software !           SHOW Me Ebooks !

SHOW ALL the  Software on One Incredible page !






Satisfaction. Period.  We WILL add products every week.
If You don't think it's worth the money, get your money back.

YOUR GUARANTEE is protected(!) by guys carrying guns: The Law Enforcement Professionals at Tiger Investigations

Products Are delivered Electronically only via Download.
(download area is there, 24/7. Take what you want, whenever.)

$39   Limited Time Offer
  No additional Cost, ever(For those who sign-up NOW !! )

( a very secure order )

We may RAISE the price - we've done it 3 times.
We may STOP offering RESELL Rights
to new partners! WHY Risk Waiting?

ORDER NOW - You could not get more protection!

From The CEO:

"You must make your offer so great that only a lunatic would refuse to buy".
- Claude Hopkins, famous ad copywriter

We have worked hard to create that "lunatic" offer. I have made it our motto, and I am enjoying every minute of this "insanity!" :-)

But the Internet is full of SCAMS.

So I took it a step further and added a guarantee so you could NOT lose. No questions, no restrictions. Instead of someone like the BBB, I hired guys who carry guns - Law Enforcement Professionals - to certify everything AND protect you.

No other site on the Internet provides THAT level of protection for you.

We are for real, this is no scam and we IMPROVE any other offer you have seen on the net!

Will we really raise the price?
Yes. We have done it 3 times, and will do it again. We may stop offering Partnerships altogether, and only sell the software instead.

So, anyone who comes later, or waits too long, will not get the opportunity you are being offered NOW.

We give you an outrageous value that is growing, incredible protection, and a phone number and real people to talk to.

What else do we have to do?

So JOIN, and Enjoy. I'm off to create more software. :-)


Joe e. 'the wizard' Clayton Jr.
ClaySoft, Inc. and Free Software Forever

17 Commercial Products JUST ADDED !

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